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I can’t believe I have already received my mattresses.  They are absolutely beautiful I’m so jealous that we can’t get ours yet.  Thankyou so very much for these gorgeous products.  I will definitely be spreading the word on your gorgeous things.
Thankyou again, and I’m sure my children will be thanking you too xox

Kind regards

Stacy Smith


Thought I would quickly let you know that I bought one of the organic wool cot mattress toppers for my Leander (round) cot and it fits fine. Like you suggested, I simply tucked the 'excess' under the mattress with no problem at all! 

I must say this is one of the best things I have bought for my bub, it's made his mattress so much more comfortable and he is sleeping so much better now! I have bed envy everytime I put him down to sleep. 

Thanks for your help on this, very grateful. I have been raving to everyone about the mattress toppers so hopefully you'll get some more customers!

Kindest regards,

Jane Pelham

Nido Organics
A great little name
a nest in Italian
A car too they claim

The Nido is safe
A bubble we know
Preventing us trouble
Wherever we go

In a nest that's organic
You can feel that care
So your name is apt
Yes, clearly you share
A thoughtful expression
For mother's to see
That organic and fair trade
is where they should be

Rex Tyler UK

I wanted to let you know that I feel very good about your products after
receiving the futon mattress and protectors, the quality is fantastic, it feels beautiful.


Kind Regards

Danette Taylor

What a lovely mattress combo! Thankyou, Alby is sleeping well on it and it is so soft and nice to know that it is organic and natural for him.  If you ever need a customer reference, I will be happy to give one!!

cheers and all the best from evy and alby :) Evy Hoge

Lawsons mattress is WONDERFUL!!!!! We LOVE it. Thank you so much!

We have the entire Nido range and honestly, I am in LOVE. Justin and I we were in search for the perfect natural, chemical free mattress and in the interim, purchased a normal run of the mill one. We had to leave the it in the plastic packaging it came in, cover it with blankets and even then it filled Lawson's room with a smell I will never forget. We ended up destroying the mattress and having to organize alternative sleeping arrangements until our Nido Futon arrived. Im am not lying when I tell you I smile every time put Lawson down and kiss him good night. I am so happy to know he can sleep without harm and stay warm and cosy.

The mattress is wonderful (no more chemical intoxicating mattress!)
Narelle Kent

I just wanted to thank you so much for the gorgeous mattress and felt mattress protectors. They are great and give me such peace of mind knowing our baby will be in a chemical free environment while sleeping.

Thank you again for all of your help and for providing such wonderful service. I will let you know when bub finally arrives!

Nic x Nicole Hannon

Another pleased customer.  Cait loves the wool topper as indicated by her opening lines in the phone call “<<Squeal of delight>> I just want to open it up and snuggle inside myself.  It’s G O R G E O U S”.  It was later revealed that I may have actually given the best gift ever, somewhat upsetting the mother-in-law.

Another satisfied customer speaking in extended capitals.

With thanks,

Sean of London xxxx

Many thanks!  We are very much looking forward to receiving your beautiful organic bedding... in particular the baby pillow!  I haven't been happy with the standard baby pillow he has been sleeping on (he is 14 months old), and I know it is because it is not made of organic material.  We already have your wool mattress protector and it is divine.  So I'm thrilled to have purchased the pillow and the bedding :)

Thanks again,

Kindest regards

Melissa Tallon


I ordered your products...

1 x Organic Cot Futon Mattress (standard)
1 x Organic Mattress Protector
1 x Organic Pillow
2 x Organic Brushed Cotton Blanket

...and promised that I would get back to you about how we went with them.

Baby Alcyone has been sleeping wonderfully on the futon, only waking twice a night for feeds before comfortably drifting back to sleep. I have included a photo of her first time in the cot! 

The mattress protectors are great too when she has little leakage's;-).

The cotton blanket's are beautifully soft and I have sent one to my sister who is expecting a bub in April.

We have been very happy with the items and thank you for giving us conscious mum's the opportunity to purchase such bub and enviro friendly products.

Wishing you all the best,

Tracey and Alcyone Joel

I'm sooo sorry it has taken me this long to reply!! I got the new mattress obviously and LOVE IT!!!!!! My boy is soo much happier, and believe it or not, sleeping better too!! i think it is cooler for him and he's really wiggling around now, so i'm very glad i made the change! 

Just wanted to thank you once again, Happy new year!!!

Kind Regards,
Jessica Mudri