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About Nido Organics

The company NIDO was hatched 10 years ago by a mum on a quest to find natural bedding for her beautiful bambino.

From a moto to create ‘natural yet groovy’, ‘gorgeous yet eco-friendly’ and ‘soothing yet stylish’ products, our days are filled wtih designing unique creations and sourcing only materials we would feel completely safe having our children exposed to!

We hope that one day everyone will choose organic products and free this planet of harmful chemicals and we will leave behind a cleaner, purer planet for future generations.

We dream of a world where people truly care and do their own small, but oh so significant, steps to make their own lives, and the lives of their precious children as truly wonderful as possibly can be!

The name Nido comes from the Italian/Spanish word for nest.


About Vanessa

Vanessa took over Nido Organics in 2010 after her beautiful 2 month old baby developed severe eczema all over her body. After many heart renching nights watching her beautiful child suffer from the extreme itch the eczema caused it lead to a search for the cause. After researching the side effects of the chemicals in our childrens bedding and the new research about the chemical fields and sleeping on inner-spring mattreses she found Nido Organics and purchased all new bedding for her little bambino.

Natural bedding is such an important part of our childrens lives given that they spend so much of their first few years in bed.

Vanessa has a very strong passion for protecting our children's health, the environment, yoga, nutritious food, being outdoors and spending as much time as possible with her family. She lives by the moto 'Live every moment, Laugh everyday and Love beyond words"

She also holds an Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy, Certificate of Bach Flower Remedies and is currently completing a Diploma in Nutrition.



Thanks to:

The following photographers for allowing us to use their wonderful photos

  • Innocent Eyes Photography for the product shots.

  • Judy Baxter for the cotton flower and the cotton boll

  • Aya Hamada for the ladybird photo

  • Ish Kundawala for the hand picking cotton photo