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Welcome to Nido Organics
specialising in Natural and Organic Mattresses for your beautiful bambinos.

We offer all things natural for your babies little 'nest'........ Everything from natural and organic mattresses, organic cotton sheet sets and blankets to latex toddler pillows, mattress protectors and kapok mattress toppers.

Organic bedding is the most important part of a natural nursery due to babies spending most of their first year sleeping....Most new mattresses are made from conventional polyurethane foam (made purely from chemicals) which can emit harmful compounds. Because the human body acts like a sponge it absorbs chemicals through the lungs, skin and the digestive system.

Something to try at home… if you put a piece of cut garlic in your sock you will be able to taste it in your mouth in about 20 minutes!

This example shows you the importance of putting a pure, chemical free product against your child’s skin.

Our organic baby mattresses are made from 100% certified organic unbleeched cotton and are a truely wonderful addition to any nursery. We also have a natural baby mattress made from coir, latex, wool and organic cotton which is wonderful for anyone with allergies as it is anti-dustmite, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-mould while also being temperature regulating due to the small wool layer and covered in hand made 100% certified organic unbleeched cotton.

By using NIDO products you can have piece of mind that your precious baby is surrounded in a soothing chemical free ‘nest’, promoting a peaceful sleep and a healthy, allergy free baby.

By choosing NIDO Organics you are not only giving your child the best possible start to life but also supporting sustainable cotton farming practices and helping to reduce contamination of the earth.



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